10 years of Halo

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I love Halo.
No really, I do.  I’m usually not much for modern fps. Games like Gears of war bore me to no end, but Halo, that’s something completely different.
To be honest, it all started with Master Chief. I have a thing for armor and cool helmets, so it was more or less love at first sight when I saw Master Chief. After that I just had to play the game, and since then I’ve been hooked on Halo.

For the release of Halo Wars Microsoft had this really silly “competition” where they asked for Britain’s hottest Halo fan.  The “winner” was Amanda Johnstone, a cute young brunette that apparently had Halo Wars duvets (even though the game wasn’t released yet), multiple copies of the same posters plastered all over her walls, and liked to make tea and  iron clothes, only wearing a Halo Wars tank top and shorts. The whole thing was so cheesy and blatantly fake that all I could do was laugh. Since then me and my friends have joked about doing a similar photoshoot, and writing a cover of the article.
I might not be as cute as miss Johnstone, but Heathers and Canons cats trumps her by far, don’t you think?

It’s all in the details:

  • Moving all my Halo related stuff took three people and one car.
  • The nails are painted to mirror Master Chiefs helmet in colors.
  • The same goes for the eye makeup and lenses. Green and a blend of gold and metallic orange for makeup,  and the lenses have a yellowish hue. 
  • The text on the apron, “Say Halo to the Master Chef”, is embroidered in a Halo font.
  • Both Halo editions of the 360 were present at the time, but didn’t make it in to any of the photos.

Happy 10th anniversary Halo!


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