Sophia Hapgood, Emily Hartwood & Laura Bow

Posted by on 7 Nov, 2011 in Alone in the dark, Laura Bow and Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, Photoshoots, Projects, Retro mashup | 4 comments

Based on:

Where: Swedish Museum of Natural History
When: 2011-10-16
Models: C. Sanchez, S. K. Magenta, Jano Me
Photography: Lord Canon & Heather Belles
Camera used: Canon EOS 450D
Make-up: Heather Belles
Costumes: Jano Me
Artwork: Meiko Revolver
Post Pizza: Calzone x 2, Capriciosa, Tropicana



  1. great !

  2. S.K. Magenta is super hot in every picture! no mistakes, no drawbacks… godlike

  3. Her friends also awesome though

  4. Definitely S.K. Magenta is the best girl for horror cosplays, especially for spooky mansions like Alone in the Dark, and similar lovecraftian themes. So sorry that I discovered her for me just now

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