All Hallows Eve

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Halloween is coming up! Here most people don’t really care, I’m one of them.
Even though I love making costumes and props, Halloween has never interested me. I made my first Halloween costume last year, Wonder Woman. I usually try my best to make and sew everything myself, buying as little as possible. But for Halloween I just don’t seem to care, I guess I see it more as a fun thing than something I want to be proud of.  My Wonder Woman costume consisted of a corsette and metallic hotpants I bought of ebay, only made the gold details and a cape myself.

This year I’m going as Catwoman (seem to have a DC theme going on…), and just like the previous year, I’ve bought most of the costume of the internet. But I actually am sewing one Halloween costume, a Poison Ivy for my friend. Only problem is that I have to sew most of it the same evening as we’re going to use the costumes. We’ll see how well that goes…
Here’s a WIP-photo for those of you who are interested, and yes, my home is always a total mess when I’m working with projects. I call it my creative chaos.
Anyway, I’ll try and remember to take some group photos before we go clubbing!


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