East meets West

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Way back when we did the 10 years of Halo shoot I had this idea of a picture that I wanted taken. I imagined this hipster-esque person leaning against a wall sipping coffee from a Halo mug.  We never got around taking that picture then, but the idea of doing something “fashion” and hipster, but still very nerdy, continued to linger in my head.
So when Heather said it been too long since we did a photoshoot, and that we should do something simple and fun, I proposed the idea to her. From there it went on to the whole east meets west geek stereotypes. The west became the elitist hipster geek that’s unimpressed by everything, only likes retro things and played everything before it became popular. The east is its opposite, it’s the happy geek that loves all things cute and wants to spread its love for geeky stuff with the whole world.

We hadn’t planned how we’d do this shoot; the only thing we had to go on was my vague description of an abstract idea. But as we wrapped up the photoshoot, we noticed that we’d unknowingly manage to capture a small story; The manga ghost of the hipsters past.
In the photos it looks like the hipster was being followed by this cute little dancing manga ghost, we immediately thought that it must be the hipsters past that is hunting its present. I myself used to be an avid anime and manga fan, but now a day I rarely read manga and almost never watches anime. Instead I went back to my roots and started playing lots of old PC games again, but still today my past haunts me at times…

It’s all in the details:

  • Almost everything we wear, from nails to earrings, have a geeky connotation in some way, can you guess them all?

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